5 productivity tools for the online marketer

5 productivity tools for the online marketer

1. SumAll - analyse the activity

SumAll is a free service which allows you to collate data from all your social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Analytics and analyse them all in one place. It makes it easier to analyse which channels are the most profitable for particular campaigns, products or services and which channels need attention. The interface is beautifully designed and easy to setup.

2. Mention - miss nothing

Mention is a new media monitoring tool that follows on from where Google Alerts left off. It allows you to track mentions of chosen keywords across the web and analyse your visibility. Working on a freemium model, they have developed desktop, web and mobile applications to allow you access to your “mentions” in a manner that suits you.

3. Buffer - share it all

Buffer is an essential social media sharing tool for busy online marketers, allowing you to schedule posts to a range of social networks. Buffer plugs the gap on days when you are unable to engage social networks or need to schedule a post at a time you are out of the office. Buffer’s free service has a generous range of features and also integrates perfectly with Feedly, another favourite of ours. Buffer's minimal design across its web and mobile applications makes it easy to set up and use.

4. Editorially - write without distraction

This is a service that we here at Pixel Design have been waiting for. Developed by Mandy Brown and Jason Santa Maria this is a tool for collaborative writing. It includes version control, discussion tools, a stripped down editing environment and mark-up. As it is only recently launched the service is still in beta and available for free. This is an excellent tool for teams who are responsible for developing content allowing changes and updates.

5. Evernote - remember everything

Simply put, this is a digital notebook. However, with well designed mobile, desktop and web applications Evernote allows you to collate and access all your thoughts and findings, categorised and tagged, in one place. This can include photo and audio notes. The Chrome Web Clipper extension is an excellent feature that reminds you about existing notes that relate to a Google search.

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