Get your company page ready for the new Facebook Timeline

Get your company page ready for the new Facebook Timeline

Some of the key features of this timeline will have a huge effect on how companies engage on the network. If you find that Facebook is a successful channel for your brand now is the time to prepare yourself and be ready for this next iteration.

There are three key changes to the timeline for users:

  • Emphasis on visual content: while users can continue to share all manner of content, the timeline has been pared back and (in their own words) decluttered. All visual content, including video, will now be emphasised.
  • Choice of different feeds: Users will be able to choose whose content and what type of content they wish to see. Therefore they can choose “Most Recent”, “All Friends” or just “Photos” for example. Similarly, with the introduction of more intuitive filtering options, users will have increased control over whether they will see posts from particular pages or people.
  • Homogenised experience across platforms: Key features of the mobile interface will be introduced to the desktop timeline, mainly the pullback menu to the left. Improved navigation seems to be the key motivator here in line with Facebook’s drive to declutter our timelines.

Let’s get visual, visual!

What are the key implications for business pages and how should we prepare ourselves?

With the introduction of the “Photos” feed and an updated gallery style presentation for albums, expect imagery to become of key importance in your online marketing strategy.

  • A key tip is to share your original imagery with a link, rather than relying on Facebook to pick up high quality imagery for you from a shared link. This will also ensure that your content will appear in your fans “Photos” feed as well as their “Following” “News Feed” and “Most Recent” feeds.
  • Also remember that not all graphics need to be photos: don’t be afraid to share key messages as infographics or quotes, ensuring they are styled and branded along company guidelines.
  • Take care with captioning as Facebook is proposing to overlay captions (as they do now on their mobile apps) so keep captions to the point to avoid obscuring your image.
  • Ensure that you are entitled to share photos or imagery: don’t fall foul of the copyright laws. Another reason to be the originator of all your content!

Review your Facebook content strategy:

In order to grow your audience on Facebook it will become increasingly important to post engaging content. Virality is back with a bang and your brand evangelists and influencers have never been more important. You need content that is useful, revelatory or downright entertaining.

That’s all very well for the Irish Times, says you, but who wants to read about my business? Facebook is permission marketing and the people who have liked your page have given you permission to communicate with them alongside their friends and family. Your Page Insights will let you know which content to date has been popular, based on reach and likes.

  • Keep doing whatever works but just add more visuals.
  • Keep your message short and sweet.
  • Post regularly - Facebook recommends once or twice a week currently but with the new visual emphasis I think no harm to share visual content in between your key posts.
  • Consider bringing more video into the mix as the new timeline manages video shares far more elegantly than previously. Check out our recent post about developing your online video strategy.

During the announcement Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder and CEO, said that he hoped that these changes would make Facebook the “best personalised newspaper in the world”.

Love to be liked

Likes will feature more dramatically in this new timeline. Your cover photo, company logo/ profile picture will now display across the timeline in a far more visual manner on the timelines of new fans and their friends. Friends of your new fan who also like your page will display more prominently too, making a far more compelling case for the user to like your page. It is key, therefore, to keep those profile and cover photos right on brand. If you feel your numbers are trending downwards or you would like to boost your exposure prior to an important launch or event, consider an awareness raising advertising campaign. Talk to us here in Pixel Design to help you manage this.

Key takeaways

  • Create original and compelling visuals for all your Facebook content
  • Create short, engaging content with your most active fans foremost in your mind
  • Strategise to increase Page Likes
  • Encourage check-ins to your business

Get in touch with Pixel Design if you need any further information or advice on developing a strategy for your Facebook business page.