Using digital publishing platforms to promote your business

Using digital publishing platforms to promote your business

Digital publishing sites allow users to upload content in different forms and provide user interfaces to read, share and embed this content with ease. These platforms offer an opportunity to promote your content with a broader audience, bolster SEO and improve social sharing.

Similar to online marketing channels it is important to plan how you will manage your organisation’s presence on these sites. At the very least it is key to understand the possibilities they offer the modern marketer so you can decide whether to add this tool to your toolbox.

Five tips to success with digital publishing

1. Optimise your content for search

One of the key aspects of these publishing platforms is their ability to improve your search ranking. All are optimised for search and allow you to include descriptions, tags and other categorisation to improve user experience but also to ensure your content is being found through relevant search. Use these features well and wisely as part of your SEO strategy.

  • Write keyword rich and unique descriptions of each document you upload.
  • Tag each document with relevent keywords.
  • Use any other relevant categorisation the platform can offer.

2. Repurpose your content to suit the platform

When publishing your documents on sites such as Issuu or SlideShare it's important to utlise the platforms’ features to help your content travel.

  • Research and review the most successful content in your category on the site and reproduce, improving upon any good practices.
  • Convert content to the format most suited to the site (create a slide presentations, video, or pdf).
  • Include on-brand graphical cover pages that grab attention.
  • Use descriptive titles and subtitles that respond to search terms.

3. Embed and share

Similar to the manner in which YouTube allows you to embed video from their platform on to your own site, digital publishing sites allow you to easily embed a publication onto your site. They also have a selection of tools which allow you to share the content across your social networks - increasing visibility and giving you something else to tweet about! See samples below of how documents uploaded to Scribd, Issuu, and SlideShare look when embedded in a website.

4. Research and focus

There are numerous publishing platforms available and your use of these sites is likely be dictated by your budget, brand and resources. It may be the case that you prefer the controls offered by one platform’s embedding tools, analytics, or lack of advertising. If you are willing to pay a subscription more options and control are available.

5. Welcome your visitors

Include a unique landing page on your website for each publication to welcome readers from that publication in particular. This will also allow you to track and analyse the efficiency of the platform in passing on qualified leads. This may reveal an untapped audience and Slideshare, in particular, is excellent for lead generation allowing users to include a lead generation form within their presentations.

Which Digital Publishing Platform to choose?

Below we have a quick overview of three popular platforms and outline the key features of each.

Slideshare -

Describes itself as “the world's largest community for sharing presentations” with 60 million monthly visitors; the prefered service provider of


  • The go-to site to find some of the most excellent presentations on a broad range of topics.
  • Easy to use and smart looking embedding for delivery on your own site, which re-sizes well on mobile.
  • Slides are a great way to share content in a digestible, visually compelling format.
  • After being bought by Linkedin in 2012 Slideshare integrates very well with that platform.
  • A premium account offers branding, analytics, ad-free displays, lead tracking, private and video uploads and much more besides.
  • Half-price premium versions for non-profit and educational organisations.


  • Ad generated revenue on free accounts means that relevant ads are displayed to users.
  • No access to even basic analytics with free account except the number of views.
  • No mobile app.

See SlideShare in action:


Issuu -

Issuu has grown to become one of biggest publishing networks on the planet with 25,000 new publications per day. Apparently 72 million people read something on the site every month.


  • Beautiful interface on desktop and mobile.
  • Easy to use embed function with plenty of styling options to allow you to get the interface just right for your own site.
  • In the free version the revenue generation is subtle and based on related content rather than display advertising.
  • Detailed advertising models for premium customers to ensure their content is seen by the right eyes
  • Paid platform with a cost effective model for non-profit and educational organisations.
  • Weekly email updates to readers encouraging return visits.


  • Displays “related content” which may serve competitor publications alongside yours.
  • No mobile app.

See Issuu in action:



Scribd -

Describes itself as “world’s largest online library” with 30 million books and documents read by 100 million readers every month. It is used by Random House and the World Bank to name a few.


  • Unlimited storage
  • Users can download content as pdf, Word, text file.
  • Easy to use embed interface with a number of options.
  • Allows previews and linking to buy full version on Amazon. Mobile app available for iOS and Android.


  • Ad generated revenue means advertising is displayed alongside your content.
  • Mainly focused on long form publications rather than magazines or corporate or business publications.

See Scribd in action:

If you are looking for a more bespoke publishing service consider, who help people create beautiful digital publications that look great on every device. They are currently seeking “adventurous digital publications” for their private beta, so this could be a great opportunity to try digital publishing.

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