Creative Europe Ireland

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The Creative Europe Desk Ireland required a new single integrated website that would cater for the three separate areas of funding: Culture, Media, and Cross-Sector, while maintaining an integrated feel with the same branding, colours, and design, with subtle differences of style between each of the three main sections mostly dictated by content requirements.

Understanding the criteria and application process for EU cultural funding has been a complex task in the past. Our aim with this re-design was to create a calm and rewarding experience for users who are researching this information on the website. The navigation and language used on the site presents the information clearly, without distraction. 

The website uses different colour schemes for the three main funding strands; Culture, Media, and Cross-Sectoral, yet retains a continuity across each sector, to show they all sit under the Creative Europe Ireland umbrella.

Images are used throughout to showcase the wealth of Irish Film and Cultural projects that have been previous awarded EU funding.

The site is fully responsive adapting to all screen sizes, is designed to be search engine friendly, fast to download, standards compliant and accessible to all.