Galway International Arts Festival

Responsive Web Design, Website Design

Galway International Arts Festival is a creative collision of performance, music, visual art and discussion. Founded in 1978, it has grown to be one of Ireland's most vibrant and exciting festivals offering a wide range of experiences from world-class theatre to impromptu musical performances on Galway's winding streets.

The festival recognised that its online audience are increasingly using smartphones and tablets, and that its current website very poorly supported such smaller devices.

They engaged Pixel Design to design and develop an improved experience for visitors to the website on both desktop and mobile devices that would also support their goal to increase awareness of the Festival national and internationally and increase sales.

Simultaneously they commissioned Zero-G design studio to develop a new visual identity for the festival and a suite of marketing collateral. We implemented the new visual identity into the website and online marketing campaign, ensuring consistency between the digital and printed marketing of the festival.

WINNER – IIA Dot ie Net Visionary Awards 2014 'The Best Web Designer of discernment and user friendly functionality' – September 2014

SELECTED – 100 Archive 2014 - March 2015

FINALIST – Web Awards 2015 'Best Arts Website' & 'Most Beautiful Website' – October 2015

FINALIST – IDI Design Awards 2014 'Best Website Design' – October 2014

Website launched: May 2014