Heritage & Tourism

National Heritage Week

In 2017 Pixel Design worked with The Heritage Council to create a new website for National Heritage Week. The aim of the website it to create awareness, educate viewers and encourage more people to participate in preserving and conserving our natural, built and cultural heritage.

The Client
National Heritage Week is coordinated by The Heritage Council and its aim is to build awareness and education about our heritage during the last week of August with many national and hundreds of local community organisations participate by organising events throughout the country. 

The Brief
To create a new site that acts as an information hub for Heritage Week, both for event organisers and the general public; giving information and resources to event organisers that allows them to plan and register their event, and in turn making these events easy for the public to browse and participate in.

The Result
The design of the new site allows viewers to browse the events happening throughout the country and to find out everything they need to know about organising an event. The new website was created using responsive techniques to ensure it is optimised for viewing on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices.

Project Website Design & Development
Year 2016
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